If you love Boston, you care about policy issues, and you are looking for reading material and/or cool events to attend, then you will love:

  • Boston.com – a great source for news and events around Boston, which publishes stories from the Boston Globe and a whole lot more. In particular, the Your Town section of the website is a great resource for information specific to your neighborhood. I am proud to be featured on their North End site!
  • The Open Classroom Policy Series at Northeastern University’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs – a FREE course that is open to the public and features terrific guest speakers every week. I attended many of the classes in the Fall 2010 semester course, “Policy Advice to the Governor,” and loved it. The Spring 2011 course topic is “Demography is Destiny.” I highly recommend it.
  • The Boston 101 lecture series offered by the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston at Harvard’s Kennedy School.
  • The Livable Streets Alliance – a Cambridge-based non-profit committed to improving Boston’s urban transportation systems to make our neighborhoods more livable. In addition to their advocacy of a nationwide livable streets movement, they regularly invite interesting speakers to StreetTalks at their office near MIT. I recently went to a talk about proposals to make the Charles River bridge crossings more accessible to bicycles, pedestrians, baby carriages, and wheelchairs. Really cool stuff!
  • The Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s MetroFuture campaign – as they develop a regional planning vision for the Greater Boston Area, MAPC hosts exciting events, including lectures and open houses, where constituents can learn about the work they and other planners around Boston are doing.
  • Young Professionals in Transportation is a growing national organization that recently opened its Boston chapter. They host fun networking events for young professionals interested in transportation and often invite honored guests who are important local leaders in transportation policy. Recent guests have included former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation Fred Salvucci and Livable Streets Alliance founder Jeffrey Rosenblum.

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  1. diego Says:

    hey man im now a follower of your blog, i love the stories you tell and how much can i learn about a distant place from where i am like boston, by reading out of a page like yours. Check out my collaborative blog, we’ve just begun posting but i swear it will only get better.


    Check and if you want collaborate too.

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